Prescription Hope, Inc. created a specialized program using our Medication Access Network.

Currently, more than 180 pharmaceutical manufacturers provide more than 1,500 brand name prescription medications to individuals who qualify based on annual income.

At Prescription Hope, Inc. we know all too well the burden that you, as a health care provider, go through when filling out mounds of paper work and the time it takes to enroll your patients into PAP programs. We have taken the paper work burden off thousands of health care providers and are inviting you do to the same.

Specifics About Our Program:

  1. We provide FDA approved brand name medications. We access brand name drugs via U.S. pharmaceutical company patient assistance programs giving us access to almost 1,500 different pharmaceutical drugs for our patients.
  2. We provide an A-Z “value-added” service. Each pharmaceutical company establishes its own rules and guidelines. Information required to qualify varies from company to company and assistance is very limited on the guidelines and procedures. This is a very time consuming process that can cause a great deal of confusion and frustration for individuals who try to implement these series of programs on their own. Due to the difficulty of completing and maintaining the required paperwork, forms and the never ending red tape, only about 3% of those who apply on their own ever receive a medication. This is where Prescription Hope, Inc. comes in. Prescription Hope, Inc. has years of experience on how to handle each different pharmaceutical companies' requirements and will complete all the requirements needed to implement the program for each patient.
  3. We check with the appropriate manufacturer for availability and requirements.
    Once an application is submitted to Prescription Hope, Inc., we act as the Enrollment Counselors on your patient’s behalf. We complete the paperwork, work with each patient’s doctor to verify prescription(s) information and sign off, we send the paperwork to the manufacturers, we track the paperwork and resolve any problems should they arise, including denials. We handle the entire refill order process. We are here 8:00am - 4:30pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday to answer any questions you or your patients may have.
  4. Because we are a complete A-Z Patient Assistant Program we will take the whole process on ourselves so you and your patients can rest assured that medication will be ordered promptly and refilled timely.

We look forward to assisting you and your patients.